Nissan Figaro Rear Fog Light Switch – New




The Nissan Figaro was designed strictly for the Japanese Domestic Market meaning that it was never designed to conform with UK and European specifications. Nissan were never to know that the Nissan Figaro would gain such a great following and cult status meaning it was then privately exported all around the world. In order to obtain an MOT in the UK and equivalent test status in other countries around the world, the vehicle must be fitted with a red emitting light to the rear of the vehicle for use in foggy or adverse weather conditions. The rear fog light was not a Japanese requirement so these have to be retrofitted.

Here at The Figaro Shop, we already offer an LED Rear Fog Light Bulb that we house inside the right hand reverse lens (for RHD countries) and in the left hand reverse lens (for LHD countries) and now we are bale to offer the switch to turn this on and off. Legally, the switch must illuminate to show the driver that the rear fog light is illuminating and our switches have a handy tiny LED incorporated into them to show just that.

As these switches are black, we recommend installing them in the side of the steering column so they don’t look out of place on the ivory coloured dash facia. Simple to fit with only 3 wires required:

Feed: This will be a 12v+ feed from your lighting circuit to power the switch when your lights are on
Ground: This is will connected to the ground circuit of the vehicle
Output: This will be connected to the LED rear fog light bulb. (if using non led, we recommend using a relay)

Benefits Include:

  • Cost Effective
  • Easy to Fit
  • High Quality


Additional information

Weight 0.05 kg


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