Nissan Figaro Replacement Towing Eye - New




The Nissan Figaro was equipped, from factory, with a small tool kit stored in the lower boot that included basic tools, jack crank, lifting jack as well as a screw in towing eye should the worst happen. The towing eye is designed to screw into the chassis behind the towing eye cover and allow the Nissan Figaro to be towed away.

Over time, the towing eyes tend to get lost or corrode to the point that they are no longer useable. Using a very rare thread, the towing eyes are hard to come by in good condition and were discontinued many years ago. Here at The Figaro Shop, we have manufactured all new towing eyes using the highest quality high tensile steel to ensure you are never left without. These great parts are then zinc plated for superior corrosion resistance and make a great addition to your tool kit.

Benefits Include:

  • Vehicle specific thread
  • Zinc plated for corrosion resistance
  • Made in the UK



Additional information

Weight 0.99 kg


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