Nissan Figaro Rocker Cover Dome Nuts (pair)




The Nissan Figaro, as it ages, will require routine maintenance to ensure it is mechanically sound and at its most reliable. Over time, rubber seals and gaskets will begin to perish and cause unwanted oil leaks and none are more apparent than the seals and gaskets attached to the bright red valve cover on the 987cc turbocharged MA10ET engine fitted to the Nissan Figaro.

The Rocker Cover Dome Nuts are used to ensure the bright red valve cover is secured to the cylinder head. Over time the dome nuts can corrode, become unslighlty and suffer with damaged threads. The pair of dome nuts are a direct replacement for the originals for a perfect fit.

Benefits include:

  • Pair of oem equivalent dome nuts
  • New parts



Additional information

Weight 0.20 kg


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