Nissan Figaro “The Figaro Shop” Branded Dual USB Charger




When the Nissan Figaro was first released, it was fortunate enough to have a substantial accessories list which customers could select parts to be fitted to their new vehicle to make it more individual but USB was not invented until 1996 and took a long while before it was included in most mainstream vehicles as standard equipment.

As most of our modern electronic devices require charging on the go, we have teamed up with an electronics manufacturer to offer a limited run of our Figaro Shop branded dual USB chargers. These gloss black chargers simply plug into your unused cigarette lighter socket in front of the gear selector and allow fast charging of 2 devices on the go such as a mobile phone and sat-nav unit.

Benefits Include:

  • Charges 2 items at once
  • Great Value
  • Figaro Shop Branded
  • Limited Run




Additional information

Weight 0.10 kg


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