Nissan Figaro Wishbone – Lower Control Arm – Left / Right / Pair

From: £87.82

  • Nissan Figaro Wishbone - Lower Control Arm - LH

  • Nissan Figaro Wishbone - Lower Control Arm - RH



The Nissan Figaro uses an independent front suspension system that comprises of individual lower wishbones. These wishbones are designed to support the vehicles front wheel hub by the means of a bottom ball joint on the outer side and 2 bushes on the inner. As the suspension of the vehicle actuates, the wishbone can swing upwards and downwards via the inner bushings and when the vehicle turns, the bottom ball joints allow the movement with ease. Over time, the bushings can wear and crack and the ball joints can develop play causing unwanted movement in the wheel hub, creaking and knocking. The ball joint is also protected by a dust boot that can also perish causing the ingress of dirt into the ball joint mechanism leading to potential failures.

The lower wishbones we have available are of the highest quality and have the bushes, ball joints and dust boots all included and pre-fitted. This not only saves time and labour costs but also refreshes the complete steel arm that can fatigue and corrode over time. We always recommend changing both wishbosnes in the interest of safety and balance.

Benefits Include:

  • Complete lower arm
  • Bushings and ball joints pre-fitted
  • High quality oe equivalent
  • Cost effective



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