Nissan Figaro New Rear Leather Seats - Fluted Design



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The Nissan Figaro was originally fitted with an unpatterened plain rear seat, which we have always felt looked a little out of place in comparison with the fluted front seats. Here at The Figaro Shop, we offer an interior re-trim service using only the highest grades of imported Itallian leather for a luxurious and comfortable alternative to the aging original. No longer will you have to have baggy, sagging and worn seats letting the interior design of your Figaro down.

The all new re-trimmed rear seats have had our very own exclusive fluted design to match the original front seats and are supported by a 3mm thicker foam to ensure they are better than new and the flutes stay pert and pronounced. The leather is cut and stitched directly to the rear seat to ensure perfection with the addition of a colour coded piping of your choice all included. This is not an off the shelf kit but instead a bespoke service tailored for each application. These award winning seats really are on a level of their own and are the ultimate in luxury… they really need to be seen and sat in to be appreciated!
These seats are sold on an exchange basis and will have a minimum 14-21 day turn around due to each set of seats being bespoke.

International customers are also able to purchase these seats without an exchange only by emailing for details.

Benefits include:

  • High Grade Imported Italian Leather
  • Extra foam padding for comfort
  • Fluted design to match the front seats
  • Completely bespoke and customisable
  • Piping to match your front seats included

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Weight 10 kg


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