Nissan Figaro Rear Window Frame Fully Trimmed




The rear window frame of the Nissan Figaro is an integral part of its iconic folding roof mechanism and houses the heated glass rear screen. The original frame is manufactured of steel and over time, water corrodes the inside of the frame causing bubbles in the original vinyl covering, rust holes, leaking water inside the vehicle and in the worst cases, detachment from the folding frame.

We have designed and manufactured a frame constructed of a high grade marine fibreglass so rust is now never going to be an issue again. The new lightweight frame is a direct replacement of the original and comes complete with all the fixing points for an easy installation. The frame is also covered in a marine grade vinyl that is extremely hard wearing and will not shrink or get affected by poor weather meaning that it should last the life of the vehicle. Just swap the glass rear screen into it, bolt it to the folding mechanism and you will have a frame that will give you a lifetime of hassle and maintenance free ownership.

Please note: Glass and rubber seal are not included, you re-fit these from your old frame to the new one.

Benefits include:

  • Lightweight fibreglass construction for strength and will never rust
  • Trimmed in a marine grade vinyl
  • Direct replacement for the original and comes complete with all fixing points
  • Easy to install



Additional information

Weight 15.1 kg
Dimensions 115 × 67 × 16 cm


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