Nissan Figaro Rocker Shaft Re-Tension Kit




As the Nissan Figaro ages, maintenance to the 4 cylinder turbocharged MA10ET engine is paramount in ensuring reliability for many years to come. The rockers that acuate the inlet and exhaust valves are retained by the main rocker shaft and this is in turn retained into the cylinder head by a number or bolts and washers. Over time, these bolts can stretch and loosen causing play in the rocker shaft which can in turn cause damage to the cylinder head.

Here at The Figaro Shop, we have put together a comprehensive kit to re-tighten the rocker shaft on the engine using the majority of Genuine Nissan Parts for ultimate reliability and include gaskets to re-seal the rocker cover itself. Every time a Nissan Figaro has its rocker cover removed in our workshops, our skilled technicians inspect and replace these parts where necessary. Leaving this to chance can cause catastrophic damage to the cylinder head and rocker shaft.

Included in the kit are the following parts:

1 x Genuine Nissan Rocker Cover Gasket
2 x Genuine Nissan Long Rocker Shaft Bolts
3 x Genuine Nissan Short Rocker Shaft Bolts
2 x Genuine Nissan Rocker End Retainers
2 x Genuine Nissan Rocker Cover Mushrooms
2 x Figaro Shop Dome Stainless Nuts

Benefits Include:

  • Genuine parts
  • Direct replacement
  • Cost effective
  • High quality


Additional information

Weight 0.760 kg


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