Nissan Figaro Steering Rack Boots / Gaitors – Pair




The steering rack gaiters are rubber boots which are fitted between the main body of the steering rack and the track rods with the sole purpose of protecting the easily damaged and sensitive steering rack internals from the ingress of dirt, salt, grime and other road pollutants. The boots also have a secondary purpose of limiting the volume of fluid that may leak from a worn steering rack that may have otherwise contaminated the braking systems’ frictional components causing loss of braking efficiency.

Over time, the rubber boots can crack, split and perish due to the amount of movement they have to endure. The extend and compress respectively when the steering is turned and have to bend and stretch when the vehicles suspension actuates. Sold as a matching pair, the Nissan Figaro specific boots are sized like the originals with one long boot and one short boot and can easily be retained on the rack body and track rod with the use of small cable ties.

Benefits Include:

  • Direct replacment of the originals
  • High quality
  • Easily retaned with the use of generic cable ties
  • Protects valuable steering rack internals

Additional information

Weight 0.76 kg


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