Nissan Figaro Cat 2 Immobiliser Kit




Keeping your appreciating Nissan Figaro safe from thieves has never been so important as the values of classic cars are rising. Fitting a Thatcham Approved Cat 2 immobiliser system will ensure that your car is immobilised to an approved standard making it extremely difficult for thieves to steal your pride and joy.

This immobiliser kit is extremely reliable, well made and when fitted by an approved installer can also reduce the cost of your annual insurance premium. The kit will come with 2 wireless and touchless transponders; Fit one to your bunch of keys and as you turn the ignition on, the transponder and receiver communicate, code and disable the immobiliser so you can start that car as normal. It boasts virtually seamless operation and auto immobilises after 30 seconds of the ignition being switched off so you can rest assured that your car is always safe.

This kit will need to be fitted by a competent auto electrician / vehicle security installation specialist and can also be fitted on site here at The Figaro Shop by one of our highly skilled technicians.

Benefits Include:

  • Cat 2 Status
  • Tamper proof steel casing
  • Transponder system
  • Can reduce insurance premium
  • Keeps the vehicle safer from thieves



Additional information

Weight 2 kg


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