Nissan Figaro Tonneau Cover



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The Tonneau cover on the Nissan Figaro is a bespoke cover that is designed to fit in between the body and roof section when the roof is open. When the roof is retracted into the upper boot, it leaves an unsightly gap where the rear window frame would have been between the upper boot and the parcel shelf. The custom made tonneau cover has all the correct button fittings for a quick and easy install and is manufactured in the UK from our exclusive marine grade vinyl which can be found on our replacement roof kits and rear window frames.

The hard wearing marine grade vinyl can withstand vast temperature ranges, is resistant to shrinking and is extremely tough by nature. It is mould resistant and as such, has a very long lifespan. Unlike other inferior replicas, the Figaro Shop tonneau cover has high quality button fixings and a strong hem stitched in for a superior product that you will only need to purchase once.

Benefits include:

  • Hand made in the UK
  • Figaro shop Exclusive product
  • Marine grade vinyl
  • High quality
  • Correct button fixings
  • Easy to fit and remove

Additional information

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