Nissan Figaro Track rod End / Tie rod End




The track rod ends are an essential and extremely important component of the vehicles steering system. The track rod ends are directly connected to the vehicles hubs/knuckles and are responsible for transmitting steering inputs from the rack to the wheels. Worn track rod ends can be diagnosed by knocking from the steering system, uneven wear on tyres even after extensive tracking setup, vehicle wandering on the road and the feeling of an indirect steering input.

The high quality track rod ends are threaded inside to allow fine tuning of the vehicles tracking adjustment and come complete with rubber dust boots, castleated retention nut and split pin for easy installation.

We always recommend changing both sides at the same time to promote safety and even tyre wear.

Benefits include:

  • Direct replacment for the original ends
  • Come complete with hardware need to for an easy instalation
  • High quality parts you can depend on

Additional information

Weight 0.76 kg


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