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The Nissan Figaro has always suffered with an inadequate cooling system, especially in hotter and more humid climates. This is down to a few reasons; an antiquated brass/copper radiator, lack of under hood airflow and a very compact engine bay. All these factors can create a huge issue within an already weak system causing minor failures like slight overheating to major/catastrophic failures such as blown head gaskets, warped cylinder heads and damaged engine blocks.

We have put together the Nissan Figaro Ultimate Cooling Package with includes our exclusive aluminium uprated radiator, our very own silicone coolant hose kit, a new radiator cap and a fan switch to ensure the best reliability and cooling efficiency of the cooling system.

We have now designed and have had manufactured our very own EXCLUSIVE dual core 2″ full aluminium radiator. This all new part incorporates the automatic transmission cooler like the original item but benefits from modern manufacturing technology using all aluminium construction to dissipate unwanted heat, double the water capacity, allows the use of the stock radiator cap and fan switch but also comes pre-installed with a modern, high output and low current draw cooling fan. A full fitting guide for the fan wiring is available HERE

The coolant hoses are one of the most critical components of the Nissan Figaros’ cooling system. As the years have progressed, the Nissan Figaros’ cooling system has proven to be substandard due to failures in the coolant hoses.

As the original rubber coolant hoses age, they have a tendancy to fail by splitting, shearing, corroding or separating between the ply construction causing critical engine damage due to overheating. Original hoses are now slowly becoming discontinued with only a handful of hoses still available.

The Figaro Shop silicone hose kit replaces all of the critical coolant hoses on the Figaros’ cooling system for a reliable and long lasting installation. Silicone hoses are manufactured in the U.K from the highest quality multi layer silicone to the most strict specifications to ensure a perfect factory like fit every time and will last a lifetime. The Figaro Shop silicone coolant hose kit includes 9 pieces allowing for the complete replacement of the fragile and aged original rubber hoses and come complete with hose clips ready to install.

Benefits include:

  • 2″ Aluminium Core
  • Full Aluminium construction to dissipate heat effectively
  • up to 40% more efficient cooling
  • 2x Water capacity
  • Modern Tig Welded construction
  • In-built transmission cooler
  • Special black powder-coating for corrosion resistance and “oem” aesthetics
  • Allows the use of “oem” fitting radiator cap and fan switch
  • High output modern cooling fan for superior cooling properties
  • Fan plug and pins included
  • Manufactured in the U.K
  • Direct replacement for the original hoses
  • Manufactured in the U.K to strict specifications
  • 100% silicone, heat resistant embedded fibres
  • Provides increased pressure tolerance
  • Hand made using the highest quality materials
  • High Quality Radiator Cap included
  • High Quality Radiator Fan Switch included

To complete the whole cooling system, we recommend the use of our thermostat kit available HERE



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Weight 7 kg


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