Nissan Figaro Washer Bottle Cap




The Nissan Figaro is fitted with a perfectly sized washer bottle which is conveniently mounted in the engine bay. Manufactured from plastic, the washer bottle houses the washer pump to ensure screenwash can be distributed to the bonnet mounted washer jets. Over time the washer bottle caps have a tendancy of cracking and no longer have the ability to retain themselves on the bottle which in turn does not cause a seal leading to screenwash escaping the system

Here at The Figaro Shop, we have all new washer bottle caps that are a direct replacement for the original and look and work just like the genuine items. They have a retaining ring to stop them becoming lost when opening to fill the bottle.

Benefits include:

  • Direct replacement
  • Cost effective
  • Retaining ring design


Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg


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