Figaro New Upper Boot Gas Struts



Brand New Replacement Upper Boot Struts.

Here at the Figaro Shop we know there is nothing more annoying than the originaly upper boot struts failing causing the boot to slam shut in the wind, not hold itself up as it should and potentially cause damage to the bidywork of your beloved Figaro.
For many years we have been re-gassing the original units on an exchange basis but we are now finding more and more returned struts have sustained damage to the lower spherical joint, corrossion and many have passed the point of being servicable. We have no developed our own all NEW replacement struts.

Our all New Upper Gas Struts for the Figaro, through extensive testing, have been gassed to the correct rate to assist you in lifting the boot up gently and once extended, will hold the boot up firmly as they once did from factory. We have designed and manufactured an identical fitting to the original which has been tig welded to the strut top, finished and protected using a hard wearring paint to ensure a fitting as good as the original. Fitting the new strut is as easy as removing the old units for the car, swapping over the applicable hardware (only basic tools needed and can be completed by a garage or any diy mechanic in less than 15 mins) and bolting back to the vehicle. Being all new, you can expect a very long life and silent operation from the struts. Lower spherical joints are also replaceable in the event of damage.

The struts come as a matched pair and as they are new, we do not require you to send back your old units.

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