Figaro Shop Stainless Steel De-Cat / Test Pipe Nissan Figaro




This new De-Cat/Test Pipe has been designed by, and manufactured for, The Figaro Shop.

Here at The Figaro Shop, we are always at the forefront of product development for the Nissan Figaro. We pride ourselves on continually improving on products which have always been an issue. Over time, the catalytic converter will have lost its efficiency and ability to catalyse gasses from the exhaust system. Its dated design also causes quite a large inefficiency to the output of exhaust gas from the turbocharger which causes heat and lots of backpressure which in turn causes lower fuel economy and less power from your engine.The older the catalytic converter, the higher the chance of the honeycomb internals breaking up, shrinking and clogging causing potential issues to the turbocharger and engine. All this strain combined can cause serious issues later on it its life.¬† Fitting our all new de-cat pipe will free that restriction and allow the engine to breathe more freely which in turn reduces temperatures, gives a slightly more sporty sound, increases efficiency and increases power output. The engine will feel more responsive and more willing. The pipe, which is handmade in the UK soley for The Figaro Shop has been designed in house to achieve a direct fit** and is manufactured from 304 stainless steel for a corrosion free lifespan. Hand tigwelded in a custom made jig, the mandrel bent 2.5″ pipe reduces to 2″ through a custom made taper to match the original exhaust system and speed the velocity of gas to achieve low back pressure qualities and allows the pipe to aid scavenging from the engine. All this combined creates a performance product that makes the Figaro even better to drive.

Legality: We sell the de-cat pipe as an “off road use” only part. This is down to a grey area in the law when it comes to emissions output. All cars post aug 1992 are to be fitted with a catalytic converter and will fail an mot without due to emissions output. All nissan figaros are pre 1992 so the cars should pass a “non cat” test. The cars were originally fitted with a catalytic converter BUT there is no official emissions data in the UK as the Nissan Figaro is a Japanese Import Only. The car may fail a cat test but should be allowed to pass a non cat test due to its age. Please check with your mot tester before fitting/purchasing and for our international customers, please check your state/county/vehicle laws.

Benefits of this all new cat replacement pipe:

  • 304 Stainless Steel Construction
  • Stainless Steel Support Bracket
  • Laser Cut Flanges For A Perfect Fit
  • Better MPG*
  • Direct Fit**
  • More Power Through Greater Turbo Efficiency
  • Modern Tig Welded construction
  • Hand Made In The U.K

We always recommend the use of a fitting kit to aid the instalation. The fitting kit will include a turbo to de-cat gasket, 4 studs, 4 copper nuts, downpipe gasket as well as the included hardware to aid installation.

For an even better package we highly recommend fitting the HKS filter available HERE and our full stainless steel exhaust system available HERE

*better mpg will be achieved if driven in the same manner under the same conditons using a healthy engine and turbocharger

** the only modification needed is to remove the bulb for the catalyst overtemp light in the dashboard. Removing this sensor from the cat does not affect the running of the vehicle in any way and is designed to illuminate in the case of an overheated catalytic converter

PRE ORDER. The first batch of these pipes are on preorder now with a completion date in the next 2-3 weeks with a delivery date in the 1st-2nd week of May. Only 10 are being made on the second batch so be quick to secure yourself a unit as the first batch sold out instantly.



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