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Here at the Figaro Shop we pride ourselves in rebuilding a host of parts to keep our beloved Nissan Figaro’s safely on the road. One of the Figaro’s common points of failure are leaks coming from the steering rack. We have put together a kit which allows you to rebuild your steering rack locally, if you cannot get to us, or if you are a confident mechanic and want to rebuild the unit yourself. This kit is all new and will not incurr high shipping costs associated with the rebuilt steering racks we offer for international customers and there is no surcharge attached to this item. Included in the kit are all the parts required to carry out the rebuild and re-installation to your Figaro.

Included in the kit are the following parts:
1x Steering Rack Seal Kit
2x Track Rods
2x Track Rod Ends
1x “D” Shaped Polyurethane Steering Rack Bush
1x “O” Shaped Polyurethane Steering Rack Bush
1x High Pressure Steering Hose
2x Steering Rack Boots
1x Front Pipe Gasket (exhaust)

The seal kit fixes common leak points on the Nissan Figaro. These seals are located where the steering column attaches to the steering rack and in the main body of the rack itself. Many Nissan Figaro’ s leak power steering fluid because of these seals and by replacing them it stops the steering rack running low on fluid and potentially causing damage and of course those annoying fluid patches on the driveway will be a thing of the past. The track rods and track rod ends will ensure that there is no play in your steering after rebuild and will allow you to set the tracking on your vehicle exactly and accurately. The 2 polyurethane engine mounts isolate the rack to the subframe and ensure the rack doesn’t move once installed causing knocking and tracking issues. The high pressure steering hose is another failure point when removing the old rack due to perishing of the rubber and when it is stressed from the rack removal, can cause leaks. The front pipe gasket is also included as it is easiest to drop the front section of the exhaust down to gain access to the steering rack.

If you join the members section of the website there is a handy video on checking and finding oil leaks.

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