The road to the 2017 Classic Motor Show..!

We’re lucky enough to be showing at the 2017 Lancaster Classic Motor Show and we would love for you to join us….

With only a few weeks left we’re busy with preparations for this years Classic Motor Show. Alongside The Figaro Owners Club we are celebrating our 5th year in attendance and were excited to show you The Figaro Shop’s developments from throughout this year.

During the Show Weekend we will be offering an incredible discount of £500 for anyone who is lucky enough to order one of our World Renowned bespoke Figaros.

Our offer is limited to orders made between 10th-12th November, get in early as the build numbers are limited.

We have a fantastic example on display so you can fully inspect the build quality of one of our hand build examples.
If you need any more information about this before the show do Contact Us.

The car currently going through final assembly and preparation ready to be displayed is a truly amazing marque, one of the very finest Figaros remaining in the world today.

The stunning example has a mere 4800 km or 2983 miles and being one of only 2000 made in the Topaz Mist shade makes this car a very special find, possibly the rarest Figaro remaining.
The unusual find has been sourced and sympathetically restored over the past months and will soon be making its journey to Florida USA, in order to settle in its new home. A worthy stablemate to its new siblings, a family of classic cars including a 1966 Alfa Romeo Roadster.

The restoration of the car has been finished at a higher level than its original factory standard. On top its also had some unique upgrades in order to make it more comfortable for its new owner. As a teaser, here are a few to wet your appetite; puddle lighting on the interior and inside the boot. Stunning hand crafted upholstery throughout, even the underside of the boot is beautifully carpeted to extenuate the exterior luxury of the car. The car is fully Dynamat insulated to give that ‘luxury’ feel and solid door close. Plus lots of other magic touches from #teamfigaro here at The Figaro Shop.

We hope you enjoy a taster below of the car being prepared, and look forward to enjoying it with you in person.

An introduction to the Team!

Many of you will have met our own Figaro Shop team, as well as the Owners Club favourites. Having all attended lots of Figaro shows and meets over the years there is a wealth of experience and advice on offer. Its a great mix of specialist technical knowledge and club and rally experience, something you wont get the benefits of at many other events.

So who might I bump in to over a chrome bumper…….?

The Figaro Shop NEC event team, from left to right; Nick Pollock, Toby Brooks, Kelton McDonald, Chris Smith, Christian Brooks and Danny Smith.

Between us we have over 26 years of Nissan Figaro specific experience. Were more than happy to share our wealth of knowledge – as well as just chatting over coffee! We would love to see you during the weekend.


Ken and Richard have travelled down for the second year, Ken runs the Scottish chapter and both the guys are keen owners. They can both talk for England too which is useful for a marathon event like this!

Sharing the stage with Ken and Richard this year will be Richard Sneddon, Paul Hodgkinson and Steve Newbold, with Alan and Sheena Harvey too.

Kevin and Sue founded and run the club, they have really been instrumental in the promotion of this iconic brand over a number of years.