Michael Lounton first came up with the idea for this very special gift for his wife a few years ago.

In November 2017 he visited The Figaro Shop and we begun to help him turn this amazing idea into a reality.

The idea (as is very clear to see!) was to make the car a tribute to his wife’s favourite football team: West Ham. On top of this it was to build one of the very best Figaros in existence. To achieve this as much as possible needed to be new or fully refurbished on this renovation.

Starting with the mechanical this amazing car has a new engine, new gearbox and all new running gear. All the brakes are new plus the exhaustive list of parts we change on all the full restorations we complete here at The Figaro Shop. This is one of the best equipped Figs we have seen.


The bodywork has been fully changed to a custom shade. Carefully matched to the claret colour of the ‘Hammers’ team. It’s also gone through a detailed 8 layer painting process to achieve the best finish. The blue has also been custom matched to replicate the shirt of the iconic London Club. In fact we used a shift for the colour matching process! Along with a shampoo bottle this is one of the most unusual items we have used to create a bodywork colour.


Finally there’s the amazing and unique interior. This is all stunning handmade leather and one off handmade floor mats and glovebox give a nod to the level of detail involved.

Many of this type of vehicle look great at shows but aren’t practical, but it was important to us that this car was practical. This meant a detailed hunt for materials and products that would hold up over time. One example of this is the door seals. We have replaced these with black items, where the ivory originals previously sat. This eliminates having to paint too many surfaces in custom shades and reducing the risk of colour failure over time.

The pictures really don’t do this car justice, it’s a work of art, moving art!

It’s always a pleasure to work on something as unique as this. It won’t be to everyone’s taste but we firmly believe that owning a unique car is about having something that’s an extension of yourself. After all if we were all the same then wouldn’t life be dull?

Take a look below at our video on this car, and the review from Michael Lounton detailing his experience of working with us.

I am the proud owner of the West Ham Figaro, known as Bobby, named after Bobby Moore a famous football (soccer) player who played for West Ham United. There’s one final finishing touch to be added which is the private registration number WHU 120N. The car is a present for the better half as she is absolutely nuts on West Ham and has wanted a Figaro for quite some time. The detail that has gone into the car is exquisite – the guys at the Figaroshop have done a commendable job. The quality of the seats and carpets are first class, and the paintwork is flatted to be like glass with a high gloss finish. The customisation and specification of the car is probably one of the most complex of any Figaro in the world. Even the soft-top is made from mohair (not vinyl) in a claret colour, with internal liner in blue to match the colour theme of the car. The bumpers are brand new, but have been further chrome plated to give a very deep finish you could swim in. Silicone Hoses, New Engine, New Gearbox…. the list goes on…. I discussed my plans with other Figaro specialists who didn’t want to take on such a bespoke and complex project. The Figaroshop stood up to the challenge and have certainly delivered!  If you are in the market for a Figaro, whether fully restored to original or better specification, or want something a bit different like I did, The Figaroshop should be No.1 on your list to call.

Michael Lounton

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