I wanted to give everyone an update on what happened next with The Classic Car Giveaway.  We launched the competition with the intention of making someone’s Figaro dream come true for just £25.  After years of seeing people’s faces light up when they collected their Figaros, we wanted to create that for a lucky winner.  I picked the winners live and felt lucky to be able to give Stuart and Debbie such a gift.  Unfortunately not everyone saw the fun in what we were doing.

After we discussed this with Stuart and Debbie, we made the decision between us that it would be nice to restore their own Fig as the prize. In addition we would also refund the 480 entrants their ticket fee.  The good news is that Debbie and Stuart will get a beautifully restored car for free, and we can continue to do what we love and are expert at – making people’s dreams come true by building the best Figs in the world.   We will be following the journey of their Lovely Lapis as she is brought back to her full glory by the team here, so stay tuned…as you can see by the couple of photos below, work has already started!