A Fantastic Feeling – Owning A Figaro for Just £25

Over the years we have handed back hundreds of cars to their owners and that moment, picking up your car, is always one of the most exciting parts of Figgy ownership.  New owners are always so delighted with their Figaros, many are overwhelmed. It’s a fantastic feeling.

But it’s also quite a large investment. We wanted to create a way to give someone that feeling, without having to make the financial investment, so here it is…we are proud to bring you The Classic Car Giveaway – giving people the chance to win a Figaro for the price of a small basket of groceries!

Here is how it works:

  1. Enter the competition by buying a ticket and answering the question. Tickets are £25 each.
  2. When all the tickets are sold we will make a live draw, using a random entry selector.
  3. The winner collects their new Figgy – it’s that simple!

Be quick though! We only have 480 tickets, and it’s a maximum of 10 tickets each.

The stunning car was revealed at the Figaro Owners’ Club Ace Cafe meet in London on 6th April  Tickets are now available online through The Classic Car Giveaway’s website.  Here is the website link – don’t forget to bookmark it and get your tickets before they sell out.  More details and terms and conditions are on the website.

The Classic Car Giveaway Website


Could you be our winner…?