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Investment Costs For Your Figaro

We spend lots of time working out how to serve you best which means that sometimes low cost isn’t the priority.  In this article we have outlined the areas we choose to focus on, and encourage you to evaluate the price for yourself. 

We focus on expertise and have done for over a decade, investing heavily in a bespoke training programme, which comprises 1000 hours of development of our team of Nissan Figaro experts.  We love these little cars as much as you and the team put their love into your Figaro, and as a result we strive to be the world’s leading specialist Nissan Figaro garage. We research into products and Figaro parts but also invest heavily in caring for the Figaro community. We work with the Figaro Owners’ Club attending annual meets and giving free healthchecks, help and advice to build and look after the whole Figaro community.  Our advice is always ongoing after sales, and we regularly produce free ‘how to’ video guides to demonstrate this.  Our aim is to give the best service to fulfil our customers’ needs and create a relationship that is second to none.

We use only the best quality products – these are either manufactured in house or sourced  globally to ensure they are the best.  We also invest in development to modernise and sustain the enjoyment of your Figaros. Since day one we have been devoting time and profit to research and development of new products.  For example, the most common killer of the Figaro is rust, particularly around the corners and in the gulley of the roof, which after time can completely rust away, so we’ve reproduced the whole roof corner which matches exactly with the original panels. To ensure that the repair job is permanent, we completely remove the rust and use expert welding techniques to make sure that the panel is flush with the body and that damp is kept out. We have years of experience looking at and resolving Figaro issues like these so invest in innovative ideas to keep your little car on the road for longer, and away from the Figaro graveyard in the sky.

We do repairs that last by doing a thorough and diligent job.  Time is money, and it takes time to do a job properly, so we always put time, effort and care into our repairs so that that they will last for years to come. We believe that if a job is done quickly, it may cost less but it won’t last. If you know Figaros, you’ll know they have a massive tendency to rust around the wheel arches. A common way of tackling this is to stick another wheel arch over the top, which is cheap and quick but will only solve the problem temporarily, creating more work and cost in the future. We want our repair jobs to last, so we remove all of the rust properly and fit an entirely new custom welded wheel arch panel. Some people choose to carry out repairs themselves and that’s no problem – we are still happy to sell owners our quality Figaro parts and give advice on how to carry out the repair.  Whether you do the repair yourself or we do it for you our aim is that the job is done decently and will last much longer.

We invest as much time and attention in the bits you don’t see as well as the ones you do, in the knowledge that you are investing with your money.  Our technicians spend 1.5 hours on rust prevention treatment after they’ve finished a repair, for example.  You don’t see it, but it means the repair will last longer. We can never promise it lasts forever, but we strive to work towards that.  We understand the importance of attention to detail and see the investment of time and care into a job well done as paramount to our success, as it gives our customers confidence that by using The Figaro Shop they are receiving the very best quality.

And finally – we are honest.  If we make a mistake, we will fix it. We aim to treat our customers the way we wish to be treated. Fantastic customer service is central to our ethos, and this is reflected in the loyalty our customers show to us.

If you need any more help or advice then do get in touch with us at The Figaro Shop. We love these iconic little cars and we love talking about them!

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