The Final Touch


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We are saying goodbye today to a beautiful little Lapis which we have been privileged to build.  Andy is a discerning collector of fine cars and we were lucky enough that he chose The Figaro Shop to restore his Nissan Figaro.  From the outset his brief was always, quite simply “I want the best” – a mantra which we are very happy to work with.  He and his son would regularly visit the workshop and spend time carefully inspecting every element of the car to make sure that it met the level of perfection that they were after, so the attention to detail has been exceptional.  From the contrasting two tone stitching on the leather steering wheel through to the two tone leather panels on the interior of the doors, every element has been put together with loving attention.

We were delighted to receive the following feedback from Andy and his family “we would like to thank you for all of your input…it has been very helpful and we have an amazing Figaro to drive….please thank all the guys that have worked on it….all the guys have done a fantastic professional job and you certainly have our praise and recommendation to anyone else….it’s been great dealing with you.”

In this short video I get to briefly show you her interior, and ‘put the cherry on the cake’ sticking on her final ‘Figaro Approved’ badges.

We will be sorry to see her go, but hope you enjoy driving her Andy!

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