We make people’s dreams come true by building the best Nissan Figaros in the world – and that ethos  is carried through everything we do, including the skills and personalities of the people we invite to join our team.

Many of you will have met Mark White – our Workshop ManagerIf you’ve been lucky enough to have your car restored it’s very likely Mark was guiding you through the project.

Mark’s been with us for nearly a year now.   We thought you might like to know a bit more about him, and how he helps us improve our service to you as part of The Figaro Shop team.

Mark had a 20 year career in the military, elevating him to the level of a Sergeant, that took him all over the world, including deployments to Bosnia, Iraq and Afghanistan.  His passion for cars has been with him throughout his military career as he has raced for the army and is, in fact, the current British Army Race Car Driving Champion.

One of his most interesting postings was as the Diplomatic Courier for the British Embassy in Washington DC.  This required him to travel extensively throughout the USA and Caribbean including the Bahamas, British Virgin Islands and the Florida Keys.  His various military roles have all required outstanding levels of leadership, project management and organisation and these are key skills that he brings to The Figaro Shop Workshop.

His passion for cars continues outside of work and the military as he has built two successful race cars for himself, and regularly volunteers for the charity Mission Motorsport taking wounded veterans on track days.

For Mark the shift from the military into civilian life has been a positive one. He can use his expert knowledge of cars in conjunction with his people skills to ensure excellent quality of workmanship is always delivered at The Figaro Shop.

We’re very grateful to have Mark as a member of our team, and I’m sure if you’ve been lucky enough to have him help with our Figaro you will feel the same.