Ultimate Hood Fitting Guide & Discount Code


Welcome to the Ultimate Hood Fitting Guide!

  • Using our 100+ years of combined expertise and in conjunction with Kevin at the Figaro Owners’ Club we have put together a hood fitting guide – and now is the perfect time to sort our your hood before the good weather arrives!
  • We have a ‘how to’ guide to show you exactly how to fit them – watch the video below
  • And, for a limited time period only, we can save you money on the parts with our special code HOOD10.  This saves you 10% off the vinyl hood kit in our online shop – a saving of £18.  
  • If you’d rather we fit it for you we will apply the same discount to the parts used by us  in the same time period
  • These discounts are only valid 12th to 26th May 2022 only, so be quickviny

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