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Unveiling a Nissan Figaro Barn Find after 25 years Untouched

A Glimpse into the Immaculate Originality of our Nissan Figaro Barn Find

A Glimpse into the Immaculate Originality of our Nissan Figaro Barn Find

The recent discovery of an Emerald Green Nissan Figaro, imported from Holland in 1998 and then untouched ever since in a barn in Warwickshire, England, has unveiled an astonishing level of originality and preservation.

A Time Capsule of Beautifully Preserved Originality
The exterior of the Nissan Figaro exhibits an extraordinary level of originality. The rubber seals, despite the passage of time, remain soft and intact. Likewise, the wheel arches are free from any signs of rust or corrosion, further highlighting the car’s remarkable condition. The original tires, which were fitted at the Pike Factory in Japan back in 1991 remain on the car. Although covered in cobwebs, these tires provide a fascinating glimpse into the car’s untouched history, adding to its authenticity and originality.

Pristine Engine Bay and Underside
Upon lifting the bonnet, one is greeted with a surprisingly clean engine bay. All the parts within remain untouched, showcasing the car’s original mechanical components. This level of preservation is a testament to the care and maintenance that the Nissan Figaro received during its time in storage. To ensure the preservation of the car’s originality, we will take a sympathetic restoration approach. Special techniques, such as using dry ice and specialist products, will be employed to protect and maintain the integrity of the Figaro’s underside. This restoration process aims to honour the car’s history while safeguarding its original features.

Interior Perfection
The interior of the Nissan Figaro is a true standout, boasting impeccable preservation. The carpets and mats appear as if they have never been stepped on. Similarly, the roof panels and leather seats show no signs of wear and tear, retaining their original appearance. The absence of dampness, marks, and creases further highlights the exceptional beauty standards that the car met back in 1991.

The discovery of this 1991 Emerald Green Nissan Figaro in a barn in rural England has unveiled an unparalleled level of originality and preservation. From the flawless exterior rubber seals to the pristine interior carpets and leather seats, this car remains a true time capsule. The restoration efforts that we will take will honour its history while ensuring its longevity. This Nissan Figaro barn find stands as a remarkable testament to the enduring beauty and allure of vintage automobiles and we are so excited to be a part of this historic moment.

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