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What Are The Problems With Owning a Figaro?

“What are the problems with owning a Figaro?”

If you are considering buying a Figaro then it’s only natural that you will want to be fully aware of common problems with Figaro ownership before you take the plunge and invest in your classic car. We are regularly asked what the ‘weak spots’ are with these little beauties and, as much as we love them, there are areas that are often an issue. We thought it would be helpful to go through some of the main issues that we have seen over the decade we have been working with them.

Main Faults and Weak Points on a Nissan Figaro

On most Nissan Figaros rust can be a problem and the weak spot is their wheel arches. These cars are nearly thirty years old, so if the bodywork hasn’t been taken really good care of then some rusting is almost inevitable and the wheel arches is one of the most common problem areas that we see. However, rust can be dealt with easily if it is caught in time. Lots of the work done in our bodyshop is rust removal and repair, but if rust has extensively taken hold on the chassis of the car then this can be one of the most expensive areas to rectify.

Another area to look out for is a leaky roof. Again, after 30 years if maintenance has not been tip top they are often not watertight. The top boot is also a ‘wet boot’ designed to accept water and then have it run off via drainage pipes. For this reason (and like any soft top) it’s not ideal to leave a Figaro outside in wet weather for long periods. If you can garage your Figaro or buy a cover (these are readily available from various places including our parts shop) then that will really help keep it dry inside.

A third area to consider is that the Figaro only has a 3 speed automatic gearbox so very long journeys can be tough on the car. There’s no real solution to this one – it’s just a matter of thinking about how you are likely to use your Nissan Figaro most of the time, and weighing that up with your love of the car.

Engine and mechanical failures obviously can and do happen. The key here is how regularly serviced the car has been and what kind of mileage it has done. We have seen various customers over the years ‘fall out of love’ with their Figaros after multiple failures over time, as they run out of patience with the car. Whilst failures will happen from time to time on a classic car like this, regular servicing by a garage that knows what they are doing should minimize the break down rate and point out potential issues that need dealing with before they become an actual break down. Nissan is actually great for reliability, but these little cars are now approaching their 30th birthday after all.

So, in summary there are various common faults or problems with the Nissan Figaro, but they can all be addressed with the help of a good local garage and some TLC. Whilst it’s great to be fully aware of these potential issues, if you love your Figaros as much as we do then hopefully it won’t stop you from enjoying Figgy ownership and many happy years of Figaro driving.

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