Hello! I’m Toby – I founded The Figaro Shop with a specific set of beliefs and over the years I’ve been lucky to find people that have helped me to turn that into a company culture.  I wanted to articulate to you what we believe so that you, our clients, understand what we are about even before you come in and meet us.

We believe…

In only working with people we enjoy spending time with

If we take care of our people they will take care of our business

We can do anything we set our minds to

In commitment to deliver to customers

We work for fun and money

In putting our heart and soul into the job

In playing to win, always

In being proactive not reactive

In treating clients how we would like to be treated

In seizing opportunities

In doing things our own way – we don’t have to follow corporate structure

That every team member should add value to our company

In rewarding people for a good job

In more money coming in than going out

The quality of our work should be reflected in the price we charge

In career progression for those who want it

Anyone can give constructive feedback, regardless of hierarchy

In being grateful for every transaction

Trust is non-negotiable in any working relationship

That we can change the world.

We are really proud of our team and the culture here and believe it translates into a quality product and a high level of service for our customers.  We love what we do and feel very fortunate to have the kind of customers that we do – so thank you!

Toby Brooks