As usual we’ve been lucky enough to be working on some amazing restoration projects. There’s a pale aqua car we completed that we think many people interested in Figaros really should know about. It’s a fantastic project that we’re really happy with, but now we have to say goodbye to this for now as it is going abroad to the U.S!

So what about the car?

First of all, there’s the incredible shade of blue, which just looks incredible on a Figaro – and will look even better we imagine on those wide, intrepid American roads!

Next, let’s take a look at all the amazing details of the interior including:

Dashboard re-trimmed in Italian leather. New Leather Front Seats, with new foam and fluting Ivory with Black Piping. Carpets re-dyed with new bespoke floor mats. All interior white panels cleaned and recoloured. New seatbelts. New exterior trim. New fog lamp. New Stereo and more…


As you can see the finished interior is breathtaking, as it should be. Why settle for anything less when you know what you want? The same philosophy has been applied on the mechanical work this Figaro. Let’s take a look…
It’s just not enough for a Figaro to looks fantastic it needs to have the substance to back it up, which is why so much attention to detail has also been paid to making the car run like a dream – and not just look like one. There’s no aspect of the mechanics we will not tend to if needed and this list of work done for this car is a good example of that.
New cold start valve. New ignition leads, spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor arm. New cam belt, new water pump, cam seals, crank seals. New wishbones new track rod ends. New brakes… and that’s just a few of the new features..!

This is number 2 of 4 on its way to the same collector in Texas.

The others are being built at the start of 2019. After us buying the first one from us our client came back for 3 more. 1 green one, 1 pale aqua, a second green car, and a cherry red.

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