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Brightening Up Your Day!


We’re here to literally brighten your day!  We have developed a new product that will make your cult classic Figaro even more enjoyable to drive – new LED lights for all the exterior lights.  In the short video above we show you how to fit them, and also how much brighter the lights are than the originals. 

The lighting on the Nissan Figaro is an area that has always been a little lacking in terms of visibility and safety. As some of you may know, last year we introduced our upgrade for the headlight bulbs and sidelights with all new modern LED units.  After months of testing and developing we are finally able to share with you our new LED units for the rest of the exterior. A direct replacement for the original bulbs, the new LED variants emit a modern bright light which is not only brighter thus ensures more visibility, safer, and more reliable, but also draws less current than the original incandescent bulbs giving the cars electrical system less strain prolonging the life of the other components.

The kit is truly comprehensive and includes all the signal lighting bulbs in upgraded LED variants including the front indicators, side indicators, rear indicators, brake/tail and high-level brake light meaning that all bulbs can now be upgraded to brighter and longer lasting modern LED. As they are LED, they also emit almost no heat and respond much faster than a normal incandescent bulb. The kit also comes included with an LED specific relay to stop any chances of “hyperflash” common with LED flasher bulb upgrades.  It’s available in our online parts shop now, so don’t hesitate to spruce up your Figaro!

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