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Dashboard Control Guide & New Lock Sets


We have a couple of things to share with you this week.  Firstly, we have made a short video guide to all the dashboard and window controls in a Figaro.  I know many of you will know the way around your Figaros really well, but sometimes it’s useful to have a quick recap of exactly what each light and control is for – I hope you find this useful.

Secondly, we are excited to announce that we are now selling brand new genuine Nissan Figaro lock sets.  Given their age it is common, over time, for the door locks and ignition barrels to wear out making them less secure and, on occasion, not work correctly.  We are now able to supply a brand new Nissan lock set priced at £400 that includes 2 door locks, a lower boot lock, a new ignition barrel and 2 Nissan keys with their code on a key ring. These direct replacement lock sets are easy to fit and the ignition barrel comes complete with the column mounting bracket and shear bolts.  This is also an excellent solution for lost keys!  These are now available in our online shop.

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