Our Story

Like all Figaros, our cars start their life in Japan. At The Figaro Shop we supply high grade, low mileage cars through our long-term contacts. When the Figaros get to us they are already top quality models as we always select the best cars and all have a guaranteed history. However we like to go the extra mile and so 50 parts and features are refurbished in line with the original spec.We do not just buy old worn-out bangers and do them up. The highest grade Figaro, no matter how well cared for, will still have numerous parts which are original and have been used since 1991 and which even the most loving owner couldn’t preserve indefinitely.

It may be possible to buy a cheap Figaro that has been in the country for a few years or perhaps left at the docks for some time, and the price may then seem attractive. But to do such a purchase justice you would need to spend excessive amounts of money on what initially appear to be minor problems. However it has never been so true as it is with a Figaro that you get what you pay for – many of our customers have said so! Just as an example, to clean the sticky grime on the internal panels, blast treatment will require a full interior strip. You could easily spend thousands of pounds to bring your car up to show-room condition. Refurbishing a Figaro is not a DIY job. Please refer to our refurbishment page for a rundown of what we consider needs to be done.

Our expertise allows us to bring your cars to top condition, without cutting corners and without wasting time or money. We use genuine replacement parts wherever possible and otherwise can source the highest quality alternatives. Take a look at our cars to see the results at the most competitive prices.

Our dedicated Parts department ensure they source the best quality parts at affordable prices. They don’t sell anything that we wouldn’t use on our own cars. Each part has been checked and tested, be it new or used, so you can guarantee that no part will be incorrect. They also spend a lot of time on product development bringing high demand parts that were otherwise unavailable back into supply. Have a look at The Figaro Parts shop to see what Figaro parts we can offer.

We keep our overheads to a minimum in order to present our Figaros and parts at the best prices possible – maximising benefits to our customers. Our commitment is to lovingly renovate these iconic cars to their original authentic spec, with their retro looks intact.

Our own Lapis Grey model turns heads and attracts much admiration wherever we drive!

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