Nissan Figaro CV boot / Drive Shaft Gaiter – Inner & Outer




The Nissan Figaro, like most front wheel drive vehicles, is equipped with both outer and inner cv (constant velocity) boots. A cv boot is a protective rubber boot that ensures there is a healthy supply of cv grease within the cv joints so they can run smoothly as the vehicle actuates over bumps and when steering. The cv boot is also designed to ensure water, grit, salt and dirt does not enter the cv joint causing it to fail prematurely which can cause the internal bearings of the cv joint to fail, start to knock and in the worst cases snap. Over time, the cv boots crack and perish causing the grease to escape and can promote the ingress of dirt and water.

There are 2 cv boots per side. One inner and one outer. Please select the boots you need using the drop down menu when purchasing.

Benefits include:

  • Retains cv grease
  • Halts the ingress of dirt and water


Additional information

Weight 0.76 kg
Inner / Outer

Inner cv boot, Outer cv boot


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