Nissan Figaro Chrome Wheel Centre Cap - New



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The iconic look of the Nissan Figaro is one that it easily recognisable from its sweeping curves, chrome plated bumpers and simple ivory wheels with chrome centre caps. The chrome plated caps can suffer damage and corrosion over time due their proximity to the road, salt and grime attack and kerb marks causing the cap to crack, chrome to corrode or flake.

Bringing the exterior appearance of your Figaro back to its former glory has never been easier with these brand new Genuine Nissan caps that will only take less than a minute to fit. The high lustre reflective chrome and embossed “Figaro” lettering placed in the centre of the wheel enhances the chrome detailing found around the vehicle.

Benefits include:

  • Genuine Nissan Item
  • Perfect fit / direct replacement
  • Simple to fit at home
  • Easy method to refresh the wheel centres

Additional information

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