Nissan Figaro Gearbox - Low Mileage Used



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The Nissan Figaro is equipped with a turbocharged, 4 cylinder, fuel injected MA10ET engine mated to a 3 speed automatic gearbox with model specific gear ratios to suit the vehicles power output. This silky smooth gearbox was the perfect choice when new but over time, the gearbox can begin to become clunky, jerky on gear shifts, lose power in gear, noisy and in the worst cases, become completely undriveable.

Here at The Figaro Shop, we have an extensive inventory of good, used and tested low mileage gearboxes. The donor vehicles would have done a little over 70-80k miles and were tested before removal. The units DO NOT come with the torque converter and are an economical way of getting youe vehicle back on the road. We always recommend using a fully reconditioned gearbox where possible available HERE

Benefits Include:

  • Economical repair
  • Low mileage vs age
  • Tested before removal

Additional information

Weight 50 kg


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