Nissan Figaro Battery Retaining Clamp Kit


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Fitting the correct battery to any vehicle is paramount for its reliability to start and support electrical functions. The battery plays a vital role in the operation of any engine and all the electrical systems on the vehicle. Being a major electrical source, ensuring the battery is correctly and securely retained in the battery tray is paramount in the interest of safety in your Nissan Figaro.

The lead acid battery in the Nissan Figaro, albeit small, is quite heavy and if not secured correctly, will fall over and cause electrical short circuits and has a potential for fire. Retaining the battery in its correct location is as simple as using the correct battery clamp/stay/tie down.

We are happy to be able to offer brand new Genuine Nissan Battery retaining clamp systems comprising of a main cross battery tie and x2 threaded and hooked rods. Combined together when fitted, this original system holds the battery still in the engine bay to stop any chance of the battery toppling over during cornering or heavy emergency braking.


Benefits include:

  • Genuine Nissan Parts
  • Easy to fit
  • Complete kit
  • Cost Effective

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