Nissan Figaro Brake Servo / Booster – Remanufactured




The Nissan Figaro is equipped with a brake servo / brake booster to assist in reducing physical effort when depressing the brake pedal in order to slow or stop the vehicle. The brake servo is connected to the brake pedal which in turn is connected to the Brake Master Cylinder. The 2 components work together to effortlessly transfer brake fluid to both calipers and brake cylinders allowing the brake system to operate.

Over time, the brake master cylinders fail and start to leak causing caustic brake fluid to enter the brake servo. Constructed of a large diaphragm and multiple seals within the steel casing of the brake servo, this brake fluid not only corrodes the outside of the servo casing, but deteriorates the vital seals within causing the Nissan Figaro brake servo / booster to become ineffective and will require a vast amount more effort to actuate the braking system which is a safety concern.

As the braking system is a vital safety component, we have been tirelessly developing a solution for the long discontinued original assembly. We are now able to offer a fully remanufactured Nissan Figaro Brake Servo / Booster assemblies. Recommended to be fitted with a new or refurbished Brake Master Cylinder. Each original Nissan unit is stripped to individual components, inspected, cleaned, all seals replaced and re-assembled with a blasted and powder-coated casing for corrosion resistance, making it look as good as new once again. Each unit is then vacuum tested for correct operation before being available for sale. Take the uncertainty of using a used part out but replacing your old, worn or leaking Nissan Figaro Brake Servo / Booster with a remanufactured unit.


  • Direct replacement
  • Original unit Remanufactured
  • Fully Tested
  • Cost Effective


All units are sold on an exchange basis. Please select the core charge option that suits you best. All core charges will be refunded on the return of the original unit. Should you prefer not to send the core charge unit back, there will be no refund applicable. Please select the option to pay the core charge.




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Weight 5.10 kg



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