Nissan Figaro Tyre 165/70/R12




The Nissan Figaro is fitted with a 165/70/R12 tyre. This size of tyre is not common and as such can be quite hard to find. Here at the Figaro Shop we are able to supply this size of tyre from stock.

Choosing the correct tyre size is extremely important as using a tyre too small or too large can cause the vehicles’ steering and suspension to feel unbalanced and compromise safety. Fitting a tyre of the incorrect size and specification can also cause inaccuracies to the vehicles speedometer, put unnecessary stress on the transmission and other critical components.

The tyres supplied benefit from:

  • The correct factory specific size
  • Wide tread grooves deliver ride stability and offer excellent performance in wet conditions, better ride stability, endurance and handing performance.
  • Continuous tread blocks on both shoulders give great support and deliver a lower volume of road noise
  •  A tread compound that delivers excellent grip on both dry and wet roads and offers a longer lifespan and better M.P.G

We always recommend changing tyres in pairs.

Additional information

Weight 6 kg


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