Nissan Figaro Front Bump Stop OEM Equivalent




Shock absorbers are designed to absorb energy created from uneven road surfaces to ensure the vehicle is stable on the road and provide comfort for its passengers. When an unusually large bump is encountered, the shock absorber may actuate further than it was originally designed to and the bump stop ensures that the metal parts of the suspension system do not come in contact with each other to cause damage.

The Genuine Nissan front bump stops fitted to the Nissan Figaro are manufactured of a high impact foam material to ensure energy is dissipated efficiently but over time, the foam may break down and become ineffective. We are now able to supply aftermarket bump stops from a leading suspension manufacturer to replace the costly genuine items. These are also Japanese manufactured and are a direct replacement for the original. Leaking shock absorbers can also damage the bump stops as the leaking oil is soaked up by the bump stop causing it to deteriorate. New bump stops are usually fitted when renewing shock absorbers or coil springs.


Benefits include:

  • Japanese Manufactured Original Equivalent units
  • Cost Effective
  • Ensures shock absorbers do not over actuate causing damage
  • Limits the chance of critical suspension components contacting each other

These bump stops are sold individually however we recommend changing them in pairs to ensure a balanced suspension setup

Additional information

Weight 0.25 kg


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