Nissan Figaro Genuine Front Suspension Seat Repair Kit

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The Nissan Figaro uses a Macpherson strut type suspension design which is designed to allow the complete front shock absorber assembly to rotate when steering. This design was employed for ease of manufacture and assembly in comparison to double wishbone vehicle applications and it ensured a great cost saving. The system does have more moving parts and the Front Spring Mounting Seat is a common part to suffer from corrosion over the years.

We have put together a comprehensive money saving repair kit that includes the following to repair the common front spring seat failures found in higher mileage vehicles:

Kit Includes:

  • 1x Spring Seat
  • 1x Spring Seat Isolator Rubber
  • 1x Top Mount Bearing
  • 1x Top Mount Bearing Seal

The kit is made up of all Genuine Nissan parts allowing your Nissan Figaro to be repaired back to the high standard to which it was first manufactured. The kit will ensure you have a quiet, smooth and safer operation of the front suspension. We also have Genuine Nissan Top Mounts to compliment this kit as well as upgraded Top Mount Inserts which save you even more.

Benefits include:

  • Genuine Nissan Parts
  • Direct Replacement
  • Quiet and smooth operation of the front suspension
  • Allows for accurate setup of vehicle tracking
  • Minimises play within the front suspension

Each Kit will come with 1 Spring Seat, 1 Rubber Isolator, 1 Top Mount Bearing Bearing, 1 Rubber Bearing Shield. 2 kits are needed per vehicle.

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