Nissan Figaro Rear Coil Spring Set – Pair




The Nissan Figaro utilises a coil spring suspension design on all 4 corners for a smooth, predictive and controlled ride. The coil springs’ main purposes are to support the weight of the vehicle, ensure a smooth ride, absorb uneven road surfaces whilst working in tandem with the shock absorbers they surround. Over time, coil springs can begin to lose their ability to support the weight and effectively lose a degree of elasticity causing the ride to be less comfortable, harsh, for the vehicles ride height to sag and in the worst cases, can corrode to the point of breaking.

Fitting high quality coil springs will rectify that uncomfortable drive, keep the vehicle stable on the road, ensure that vehicle and its occupants remain safe and last a very long time with the correct maintenance. Here at The Figaro Shop we select the highest quality oem equivalent coil springs at a fraction of the Genuine Nissan price to offer great value for money on such an integral component of the overall suspension system. We only offer the coil springs in matched pairs in the interest of safety.

Benefits include:

  • OE Quality coil springs
  • Regain ride comfort
  • Rectify ride height sagging
  • Cost effective

Additional information

Weight 1 kg


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