Nissan Figaro LED Dashboard Bulb Set




The Nissan Figaros’ retro styled Speedometer and Tachometer are backlit by 6 small incandescent bulbs; 2 for the tacho and 4 for the speedometer. This backlit design is lacking in light output making it tricky to see the clusters when it is dark and as the original bulbs age, their output decreases making it harder still to see.

The led upgarde bulb set contains 6 tiny specific leds to replace the bulbs. Simply rmove the bulbs from their plastic holders and swap them out with the led upgrades. The leds have a crisp white modern light output that illuminates the clusters much better than the original and makes viewing the information displayed on them in the dark far easier. A simple job to undertake at home with a fantastic result. The set of 6 illuminates both the speedometer and RPM dial.

Benefits include:

  • 6 bulb set for both clusters
  • Easy to fit
  • Modern and bright light outout
  • Long lasting and reliable


Additional information

Weight 0.1 kg


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