Nissan Figaro LED Roadside Warning Flare 3-In-1 (bracket optional)

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The Nissan Figaro is an appreciating classic car and its cult status has ensured lots of the remaining Nissan Figaro’s are very well cared for. When new, the Nissan Figaro would have come equipped from the factory with a one use roadside warning flare fitted to the lower passenger side kick panel. This flare was designed to be struck and illuminated in the event of a breakdown or emergency to warn other road users of the danger ahead. The original warning flare was filled with a combustible incendiary element which was deemed as illegal to carry and as such, most were removed and disposed of when exported from Japan due to safety concerns.

The all new Japanese manufactured LED replacement warning flare is designed to clip into the original flare bracket and comes included with batteries ready to illuminate in the even of an emergency. It is equipped with a magnetic base should there be a need to attach it to the rear of the vehicle for greater visibility to other road users. The batteries will last over 20hours (with new high quality batteries) and the high power flashing LED’s can be seen up to 200m away with the added benefit of the unit being water resistant. A great investment in terms of safety and will complete the interior of the Nissan Figaro back to its factory form. The latest incarnation of the LED flare we supply now has a 3-In-1 function using the integrated push button to cycle through 3 different illumination modes:

1.) LED Warning Flash RED
2.) LED Warning Constant RED
3.) LED Front Mounted Torch WHITE

The flare is available to purchase individually or complete with a Genuine Nissan Flare Bracket using the drop down option box.

  • LED Roadside Warning Flare
  • Fits in the Genuine Nissan Flare Bracket
  • Optional Genuine Nissan Flare Bracket
  • Legal to use
  • 3-In-1 Function
  • Batteries Included
  • Up to 200m visibility
  • Over 20h Battery Life (with new high quality batteries)


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