Nissan Figaro – Performance Brake Friction Upgrade Kit




The Nissan Figaro is loosely based on the platform of a Nissan Micra mk1 but there are quite substantial differences and the braking system is one of those differences. The Nissan Figaro, due to its extra weight and power output, is equipped with vented front brake discs for extra stopping power and reduction of frictional heat. As such we are happy to now offer this performance friction upgrade kit with upgraded high performance brake pads, upgraded rear shoes shoes, shoe fitting kit with all new high performance grooved front vented discs as a package saving you money but also giving you the best possible braking and safety performance from your Figaro.

High quality brake discs and pads are a must for safety and for the best performance of the vehicles braking system.

Manufactured  in the UK, the high performance brake pad set is a great upgrade over the original pads. The high quality frictional material has been carefully manufactured to meet and exceed the oem braking performance, last longer, provide consistent braking under higher heat conditions all while lasting longer than the original style brake pads. The brake discs/rotors are custom made from heat treated blanks and undergo a grooving process to dissipate heat, gasses and allow the de-glazing of the brake pads to promote less brake fade and better braking.

Included in this package is:

  • High performance grooved front vented discs
  • High performance upgraded brake pads
  • EBC Upgraded Brake Shoe Set
  • Brake shoe fitting kit

Benefits Include:

  • Figaro Specific vented brake disc pair
  • High quality
  • Upgraded Rear Brake Shoes
  • Made in the UK/Europe
  • Much higher braking performance than oem
  • Direct replacement


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