Nissan Figaro Window Regulator Left / Right - USED





The Nissan Figaro is retro by design but being a special project for Nissan, the retro looks of the Nissan Figaro were also complimented with modern options such as electric windows. The motor driven mechanisms, called regulators, act like a scissor that can lift and drop the window glass with the press of a switch. The large window glass of the Nissan Figaro is quite heavy and stresses on the regulators can cause them to fail over time.

We have good condition used and tested Nissan Figaro Window Regulators in stock but due to their use, Right hand regulators are very rare so we suggest contacting before ordering.  The mechanism can bend / break internally and the teeth on the main drive gear can snap from fatigue. The units we have been tested prior to removal. Please select the side you need from the dropdown options. We cannot guarantee the condition of the motors attached and most regulators will NOT BE SUPPLIED WITH MOTORS. We always recommend replacing the motors with new units for reliability. New motors are available HERE

Benefits include:

  • Genuine Nissan Items
  • Used and tested
  • Superior to modern replacements
  • Economical repair

Installation guides are available here:

Window Motor Instructions Wiring

Window Regulator Instructions

Additional information

Weight 3 kg

Left Hand / Near-side / Passengers, Right Hand / Off-side / Drivers


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