Nissan Pao 400W 4 Channel Easy Install Amplifier




The Nissan Pao was equipped with very basic front speakers constructed with paper cones, foam surrounds and very basic cardboard centres for the speaker coil making the units cheap to manufacture. These cheap materials have not aged well over time making the sound quality very poor as they lack any clarity of sound. Upgrading the speakers in the Nissan Pao will make a big difference in the sound quality of the audio system.

As the speakers were low output, the onboard amplifier built into the original audio unit was also very lacking and meant that even when upgrading the speakers to modern, more efficient items, the audio was still not as good as it could be. This is highlighted even further when front or extra rear speakers are retrofitted for a more immersive soundstage as the original amplifier cannot cope.

Fitting a large, bulky and cumbersome amplifier has always been an option until now. This all new amplifier “brick” is the latest in digital amplifier technology meaning a massive 4x 100w peak output can be distributed to each speaker for the ultimate in sound clarity, efficiency and soundstage meaning that the audio system can compete with the likes of a modern vehicle.

This small amplifier can be wired to the high level output of the original unit (please cut the included iso plugs off the amplifier unit and use crimps or solder) and work as a 2ch or 4ch amplifier. It is small enough to be hidden behind the dashboard or under a seat and does not require any power from the battery. This will connect by tapping and cutting the pre-existing wires at the back of the original audio unit or by the use of the included iso connectors if an aftermarket unit is being used.

A comprehensive, vehicle specific how to guide will be available in due course but please contact us if the included instructions are not clear enough by phone or by email.

Benefits Include:

  • Simple Installation
  • Huge sound improvement
  • Works with original and upgraded units
  • High quality
  • Compact
  • 400w of power


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