Nissan Figaro Oil Filter



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Maintaining your Nissan Figaro not only promotes performance, but greatly improves reliability. Regular maintenance is paramount and changing the oil and filter can make a vast improvement to the longevity of the internal engine components. As an engine wears through normal usage, microscopic particles of steel, aluminium, copper and brass found in the cylinders, bearings, pistons, camshafts and piston rings will eventually mix with the engines’ oil. This oil is passed through the engine to ensure all rotating components are lubricated and cooled during the engines usage. The spent oil is then passed through an oil filter to remove and capture the particles so as not to damage the engine during normal duty.

The oil filter is a critical service item to change at every service interval. It can get clogged over time and reduce its ability to capture the particles in its filtration system. A very inexpensive service part that makes a vast difference to the longevity of the engine.

Benefits include:

  • Specific Oil Filter
  • Meets and exceeds oem standards
  • High quality

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