Nissan Figaro Radiator Cap




The radiator cap on the Nissan Figaro is attached directly to the top of the radiator itself. The main purpose of the radiator cap is 2 fold. Firstly, the rubber seal on the cap ensures the system remains sealed so that coolant within the system does not escape causing a lack of coolant circulating around the system. Secondly, there is a spring system with seal built in to the radiator cap that ensures the cooling system operates at the correct pressure. If the spring fails and does not actuate at the preset level, pressure can rise to a value where damage is caused to gaskets, hoses and the radiator iteself and if the spring actuates too early, water can escape into the overflow bottle causing water to escpae the system leaving a lower volume of coolant to regulate the temperature.

A very inexpensive and critical component, the radiator cap has a very important job. The replacement caps are a direct fit for the original and fit not only the original radiators, remanufactured radiators but also the uprated dual core aluminium radiators we offer here at The Figaro Shop.

Benefits include:

  • New seals to keep water escaping the system
  • Direct replacement
  • Fits original and aftermarket radiators offered by The Figaro Shop
  • Regulates coolant system pressure


Additional information

Weight 0.2 kg


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