Nissan Figaro Rocker Cover Gasket



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The Nissan Figaros’ bright red rocker cover is a signature colour identifying its 987cc turbocharged engine. The cast aluminium rocker cover houses the complex rocker system and camshaft which is lubricated with oil. The rocker cover has a specially designed and shaped rubber gasket to seal the cover to the cylinder head to stop oil escaping from the cylinder head.

Due to its material, the rocker cover gasket will harden and split over time causing oil to leak from the rocker cover. A simple replacement, the genuine rocker cover gasket is shaped to fit the contours of the underside of the cover. A very simple item to change will stop any further oil from leaking.

Benefits include:

  • Genuine part for a perfect fit
  • Stop oil leaking from the rocker cover


Additional information

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