Nissan Figaro Turbo Charger Gasket



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The Nissan Figaro’s 987cc fuel injected engine uses a model specific turbocharger to increase power output and mpg. The turbocharger unit is bolted directly to the downpipe/catalytic converter and over time, the gasket that seals this joint can deteriorate causing an exhaust blow. The gasket also needs changing when separating the downpipe from the turbo to carry out maintenance.

A long discontinued part, the gasket is vital for creating a lasting sealed joint between the 2 components. This gasket has been replicated by using an original as a pattern and made of a long lasting specific exhuast gasket material in the UK to ensure a great long lasting seal designed specifically for the Figaro.

Benefits include:

  • Made in the UK
  • Perfect fitment
  • Seals turbocharger to downpipe
  • Reliable gasket seal

Additional information

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